Connecting Canadian and Brazilian Entrepreneurs

The FCBB's is a federally incorporated, non-profit organization that aims to help Canadian SMEs connect to the Brazilian market. For this reason, we have established partnerships with Brazilian organizations, including international incubators to assist Canadian entrepreneurs to reach the Brazilian market, one of the biggest and most promising markets for all types of Businesses. If you are an SME and the Brazilian market is amongst your goals for international expansion, we definitely can help you to fulfill your goal through:

  1. Connecting your business to the Brazilian market,
  2. Providing assistance with the design and implementation of an International Business Strategic plan,
  3. Help with finding potential partners and/or distributors in Brazil,
  4. Connecting your business  with one of our Brazilian International Incubator partners,
  5. Providing guidance with regards to adapting your products and/or services to the local culture,

You are a click away from granting your business access to these services:

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